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Are You Just Getting By or Getting Ahead?

Ever have a phrase stuck in your head?

I read and listen to a lot of content each day and now and then something will make an impression.

We were just getting by, not getting ahead.

The author was talking about personal finance for her household; however, I started applying this to everything.

Relationships, Money, Business, Mood, Fitness..

What areas of my life are “just okay” or “blah-y” or “amazing”?

What if you asked yourself that question and were super honest?

Would you be happy with the answer?

If you’re happy and getting ahead, then celebrate like crazy!!  Yay!!

If you’re not, then let’s make an action plan to update your situation.

Action plans can be super simple.

In fact, it’s BETTER if you keep your plan super simple.

Let’s use personal finance as an example:


Imagine you’re paying all your bills and doing things you like to for fun. It’s great, but you’re spending your entire income each month and have no safety net for when “life happens.”


I’d call that getting by.  If you have an unexpected expense like a car repair or medical procedure, then you’re in the hole. Not good.


Getting ahead would include a buffer zone {emergency fund} and then investments to set you up for a nice future.


Getting ahead could include having another stream of income or a “side hustle” that feeds your passion or helps you reach a goal.

How do you start getting ahead with your finances?

As my mentor Dave Ramsey says, stop the bleeding and/or get a bigger shovel. {or something like that}

Meaning – stop overspending – get on a plan that is prioritized by importance and is the new boss of your money. Lol  Then getting a bigger shovel – income – sell something, pick up a side hustle, etc.

I believe ANYONE can get ahead financially. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how you make your money behave!

It’s up to you!

Tell me – where are you getting by or getting ahead in your life?


This is Part 1 in a series called Getting Ahead!  Check back next week for Part 2!