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How to Kill Cravings – Mexican Edition

Trying to stick to your meal plan but reeeeeeeally want all the Mexican food?

I know how you feel.

I could eat Mexican food most nights!

Let’s break apart this craving thing and kick it to the curb!

You have cravings for 2 reasons: nutritional deficiencies or “mental drama”

Since I’m not a scientist (even though I have some advice on getting the right nutrients), I’m going to help you conquer the mental drama!

You have options that include actually enjoying chips!!

Option 1 – Don’t let the chips hit the table.

Easy fix. Out of sight. Out of mind.


Option 2 – You can get dedicated and be the weird one at the table.

What’s that look like?

“7 Chips on a Napkin”


Yep – if chips are your Mexican food downfall, then commit to only having a few!

Think about it — how many chips do you eat normally?

You probably have no idea because you’re mindlessly reaching in the basket because it’s there, AND you might be competing with someone else at the table for the “good chips” so you eat even more.

Try my strategy.

  • Choose 7 chips that look amazing to you and put them on your napkin.
  • Enjoy those chips. Double dip. Love them.
  • Stop and save room for your entree.

Pro Tip: OWN the fact that this is weird.  You’ll be the one that’s not overstuffed and getting results from your nutrition plan!

Fajitas are an easy option for a main course because you can focus on the protein and veggies.

Since you have had your chips, you can skip the rice and tortillas. You’ll live. I promise!

Taco salad is another good options if you skip the dairy {cheese, sour cream}.

Basically – before you get to the restaurant, pick your 1 carb.

You can choose chips, tortillas, or rice – but not all 3.

Tag me in your “7 Chips on a Napkin” post!!

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