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Laughing at Habit Monsters

I love to make up funny words 
to describe annoying things 
that happen in my daily life.


If you were in my “lizard workshop” then you’ll recall DJ Dread🦎 and now I’ll share with you a thing I call “habit monsters” 👹

My first memory of using the term was circa 2016 when I got home from my very first Tony Robbins event. I had an outstanding time. I felt on fire to do, be and have even more in my life – yet when I arrived home to my normal, familiar apartment – I was overwhelmed with caution – I literally shouted out “omg! the habit monsters are here to keep me the same.” 🙀


Ohhhh Nooooooo 🙀 They were there waiting for me to take me back to my normal, comfortable, same-same life.


I really didn’t want to go back – I wanted to implement new things and get new results, so I had to experiment with a new strategy 🎉

My strategy came in handy recently, I noticed that a new habit monster had come to town – the sit-in-the-recliner-while-the-kitten-naps-on-you – sometimes productive, more often downward spiral of unfulfilling unproductivity 😹 I won’t be canceling kitten-naps-on-me time, but I did come up with some ideas to bypass the habit monsters who are living in the recliner 👹

If you’re thinking of a situation when something like this happens to you, then try my strategy –  


Step 1 : Recognize the Habit Monster 
every time I sit in the recliner, I accidentally sit for 3 hours, and that’s not ideal

Step 2 : Brainstorm a Few Alternatives to Test
meditate somewhere besides the recliner; leave phone in the other room; bring computer to write an email like this

Step 3 : Test Your Ideas on Purpose

don’t be fulfilled by just thinking of ideas, act on the ideas!

Step 4 : Celebrate Your Efforts
self high-five, happy dance, tell a friend, bask in your accomplishment


It really is that simple. 

Notice it, make a small change, get feedback, try something else.

Repeat. Don’t let lizard brain tell you “that’s just the way it is” 🦎

You have the power! 🔥

It’s cool if you want to email me your example or a specific question.

Asking for help is a great way to try something else.

This is part of my goal to create one pretty + informative or fun email per month in 2023, so here’s the catalog!