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Learning to Be a Happier Human : Being Authentic

June is an anniversary month for me.

It’s been one year since I started on this “Tony Robbins journey.”  Last summer I attended my first conference and fell in love with the energy, the people, and the opportunity for growth.

Being on this journey has helped me to become a happier human.

I hope by sharing what I have learned over the past year, I will help you to move forward along your journey of becoming a happier human too.

Where does happiness start?

It starts with being authentic.

What does “being authentic” mean?

  • being real
  • being who you are when you’re not being a parent or a person doing a job, etc
  • being truthful with yourself and others
  • being in tune with your skills, talents, or wisdom

Sometimes it is hard to find your “true self” after years of doing the same thing or behaving in a certain way.

You might find yourself wondering – Who am I really?

First – if you’re asking that question – Congratulations!  It takes courage to work on making yourself better and understanding yourself more.

As you explore who you are at your core, you will find things in your life that fit and things that don’t fit.

Notice when you’re doing something and you feel completely present or at peace. A tiny voice might say “ahh this feels right.”

When you are being in that moment you are generally happy.  You don’t have a reason to be happy, you just are happy. You have an energy and a glow about you.

Why would we want to be authentic!?

  • It feels good
  • It helps us connect to other people
  • It gives us energy to strive for more in life

Where can you observe authentic behavior?

Animals.  Since I love cats – I’m proclaiming that cats are the most authentic “people” ever.

Cats are just cats. They don’t care what’s current on social media, what their friend is doing without them, or what their parents think they should do with their life.

They just lay in the sun, chase yarn, meow, eat, and snuggle. How amazing is that!?

Cats can do this because they have the ability to live in the moment.

They don’t think about yesterday when I didn’t feed them on time. They don’t think about tomorrow and worry when we’re coming back from work. They’re just happy and they’re just themselves.

Humans have the ability to live in the moment too. 

We just have to practice it. Like every day. Okay, every minute. 

As we get better at being our authentic, true self and living in the moment, we can make a big difference in our lives and effect our relationships with other people.

That is going to make you a happier human.

Want to practice with me?

Action: Notice and be aware of when you are acting as your authentic self -when you are being happily present in the moment. Write that down.

Want to dive into this even more?  Schedule a time to chat with me about it!


This is Part 1 in a series called Learning to Be a Happier Human!