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Learning to Be a Happier Human : Learning Again

June is an anniversary month for me.

It’s been one year since I started on this “Tony Robbins journey.”  Last summer I attended my first conference and fell in love with the energy, the people, and the opportunity for growth.

Being on this journey has helped me to become a happier human.

I hope by sharing what I have learned over the past year, I will help you to move forward along your journey of becoming a happier human too.

Have you ever said “omg, I should have learned this by now.”

Have you felt dumb for not knowing something or for behaving in a certain way because you “know better” or “already learned this once”?

As you practice staying true to your most authentic self, your life will get easier and more peaceful because you’re strengthening your muscles.

You’re practicing being true to you, so it will get easier and more natural to follow your heart instead of getting caught up in “brain drama.”

Yay! More happy moments!

In conversations with clients or potential clients, I hear phrases like “I should have known that I couldn’t skip exercise and still get results.” or “I should have learned this lesson by now because I have already gone through this class.” or “I’ve already lost this weight before but I’ve gained it back. It’s just not in the cards for me.”

Sound familiar?

We all do this in some area of our life.

It’s called beating yourself up about the past, and it’s a HUGE waste of energy.

When we’re saying {or thinking} things like that, we aren’t being in the present. Remember the cat story?

Living in the present is where we find contentment and happiness. It’s where we connect to our true self and actually enjoy our days.

Sign me up for that!!

Instead of beating yourself up about something in the past that you cannot change, try accepting that you did your best.

Try accepting that you learned what you needed to learn at the time, and now it’s time to strengthen the lesson.

Try being nice to yourself and nice to other people.

Remember that it’s normal to have those thoughts.

Your brain is producing them to try to keep you safe from danger {disappointment, regret, etc} and you can choose to redirect your focus to your heart.


Action: Practice living from your heart.

Want to dive into this even more?  Schedule a time to chat with me about it!


This is Part 4 in a series called Learning to Be a Happier Human! Here’s Part 12, and 3 if you missed it!