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Learning to Be a Happier Human : How to Start Being More Authentic

June is an anniversary month for me.

It’s been one year since I started on this “Tony Robbins journey.”  Last summer I attended my first conference and fell in love with the energy, the people, and the opportunity for growth.

Being on this journey has helped me to become a happier human.

I hope by sharing what I have learned over the past year, I will help you to move forward along your journey of becoming a happier human too.

Where does happiness start?

It starts with being authentic.

If you aren’t sure how to start, then watch or keep reading. 

It’s simple to start gathering data about your authentic self.

You’ll just need to pay attention!

Notice situations or moments in your life where you’re feeling some discomfort. You might feel stressed or any array of uncomfortable emotions – angry, annoyed, sad.

If you’re feeling that way, then this is a great time to pay attention and ask yourself a question.

What is most important here?

Ask what is most important here and listen for the answer. You might have to ask a couple times to uncover the REAL answer.

Here’s a real life example of something that used to happen in my life, but doesn’t happen anymore because I changed my perspective and got back to my authentic self:

For nearly 10 years {crazy}, my dad and I have been going to lunch together on Fridays. Between our preferences and the ones of others who sometimes join us, choosing a place could/would get hectic.  Sometimes we {me} would have trouble choosing a place and as a result create a lot of fuss over that.

One day, I had a realization. I’m wasting a lot of energy over something that is soooo not important, and it’s causing me to be in a bad mood when I would prefer to be happy.

What’s important is that  I’m going to lunch with my dad. I can choose exactly what I want for lunch every single day, so on Fridays let’s make this about family.

Family is most important. Quality time with people I love is most important.

Stress = gone.

Saying this outloud seems like a “duuuh” moment. However, I was so caught up in my preferences that I lost sight of who I am and what’s important to me.

I bet that has happened to you at some point.

It happens to all of us.

Action: When you’re feeling discomfort, ask yourself “What is important here?” Collect information about yourself. Write it down.

As you practice refocusing on the true you, you will train yourself to act in accordance with who you are.

You’ll be showing up as the authentic you instead of the person that you’ve been conditioned to be or the person who is reacting in the moment.


Not perfect.


Start Now.


That’s all that matters.


Want to dive into this even more?  Schedule a time to chat with me about it!


This is Part 2 in a series called Learning to Be a Happier Human! Here’s Part 1 if you missed it!