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Life Hacks – 3 Times = Act

Do you listen when the Universe talks to you?

Two times recently, I’ve felt an urge to do something that I had no idea how it would work out.

First, two trips on back to back weeks. Second, two events overlapping in one afternoon.

At first, it seemed clear that I should choose only one of each; however, I kept having this nagging feeling that I should do both.

If you think about it 3 times, then pay attention and take an action!

You don’t have to know HOW it’s going to happen.

Next week, I’ll be traveling for an annual convention with the company I partner with, Beachbody. We will be learning a ton of new things as well as connecting with people from all over the US and Canada.

Plus – I’m getting to workout with ShaunT from INSANITY and Sagi from Body Beast. {That might mean nothing to you, but I am PUMPED!}

In addition to the convention activities, many groups will host special meet ups or training events. I wanted to go to 2 that happen to be at the same time.

At first, I chose one. I had already paid my entry fee and made plans to go, but then I found out about another one.

GoSh! I wanted to do both, but kept trying to tell myself it was impossible.

{Enter Universe}

All week I’ve been thinking about this second event – wondering if I am making the right choice.

So today – I bought my ticket and decided that I WILL figure out how to make it all work.

If you keep thinking about it, then you probably need to do it. Something important might come from it!

You don’t have to have all the HOWS. You don’t have to have ANY Hows really! You just need a desire!

I’ll report back on how it turns out. I know something amazing is going to happen!


Send me a note if you’d like to meet up at the next event or through one of our video chats!!


This is Part 4 in a series called Life Hacks!  Here’s Part 12, and 3 if you missed it.  Send me a note to suggest a topic!