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Liquid Monday – Takeaways from Life & Wealth Mastery with Tony Robbins

What do you hear when I say Liquid Monday?

Some people are curious and some are completely grossed out!  Some hear green juice and others hear margaritas all day. LOL

I spent 10 days in San Diego at a Tony Robbins event called Life and Wealth Mastery. In 10 days, I learned soooo much. Had so many a-ha moments and took home soooo many action items.

Honestly, not all of them stuck.

However, one has been a weekly staple since the event in October.

Hello, Liquid Mondays!

During the first part of the event we learned about our health, our internal self, our organs, how we detox, and how we absorb.

We also learned that “you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb.”

It was fascinating and very eye-opening to learn all these new things and the way our body works.

One thing they suggested was to take one day a week to have a liquid diet, because that would give our digestive system a chance to chill and relax.

I decided Mondays would be good for me because during the weekend I typically go out and eat all my favorite foods, and might not eat anything healthy for the entire weekend!  #balance

Here’s what a typical day includes:

Originally, I committed to do five Mondays, evaluate and see if there was a benefit.  Turns out I look forward to Liquid Mondays each week!

I love knowing that I have the power to interrupt my pattern!  {and so do you!}

With anything new: give it a try for 30 days or once a week for five weeks and see what it does for you.

If you don’t like it, stop doing it. If you feel like “Wow! That makes a difference in my life!” then keep doing it. Simple.


Send me a note if you’re interested in trying something different, breaking up your pattern, and doing Liquid Monday with me.


This is Part 1 in a Series called Takeaways from Life & Wealth Mastery.