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Memory Lane : What Happened After I Quit My Day Job

I love a good memory lane day dream or conversation – remember when… remember when we did… remember that place… remember those cats…

As April 30th approached, I got in the vibes of remembering when I quit my day job in 2014. The contrast was loud because I had been in Mexico for a month with no one at a “job” to report to. Everything is mobile. Wow.

I reposted several paragraphs of things I’ve written over the years. Since it’s starting to feel like a really long time ago, I had the idea to look at what I’ve done since then.

I wanted to remember the projects and focuses of being self-employed for 8 years. I wanted to see what I used to care about and how I have spent my time.

My suspicion is that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

My business has evolved.
I have evolved.

And my focus is still peace and freedom and joy for myself and for others.

We all have the opportunity to create a life we love.

All of us.

So let’s go on a journey…

2014 :

starting with a throwback photo

then a current video

My First Free Guide : 5 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Losing Weight and Feeling Awesome


2015 :

throwback photo that is one of my faves of all time

and a current video

Beachbody {affiliate link} : DIY Workout Videos – Ask me about my faves 🙌

Blog Posts :  10 Minute Workout & Spartan Training

Yes, you still have to request to see the video 🎉 Email me or slide into my DMs


2016 :

throwback photo to that time a cool art exhibit came to Memphis

and a current video

The 5 Minute Christmas Workout Group {give me a bit to approve you}

If you want to learn how to have more time Email me or slide into my DMs


2017 :

throwback photo to that time I wrote a 10 year comparison at my Tony Robbins Mastery University graduation & the leap because it’s a cool memory

and a current video

These are the resources I mentioned!

If you need help implementing any of these things, then check out my current offers for 1:1 coaching.

Career Change for Achievers : the exact process working with my first coach

Brain Food for Achievers : things I learned from books and Tony Robbins events


2018 :

throwback photo to that time I became a certified energy healer

{Pranic Healing Level 1}

and a current video

The herbs I use : SolleNaturals {affiliate link}

The Morning Routine Workshop {$44} : create a powerful routine with this self paced workshop

Omg, I Moved to Florida : the first 30 days


2019 :

throwback photo to that time I created a community called “burpees and breakthroughs” and let people guess what I was up to with these fun clues!

Once they guessed I was going to offer personal training for cats…

and a current video

That time I told my story using cat photos : the creating balance webinar

The archetype quiz by Cerries Mooney

Always learning and evolving the ways I am helping others : here are my current offerings


2020 :

throwback photo one of the best photos ever in a situation that totally didn’t work out  and to that time I created “quote cards” every day for a while! It’s okay to try things and then stop 🙂

and a current video

The Self Care Workshop {$111} : self guided online magic

Stay in the loop for the next DIY Business Course 🤩 Email me or slide into my DMs


2021 :

throwback photo at my fave breakfast spot that I started visiting in 2021 and by visiting I mean 2-5x a week. Lol

and a current video

Human Design : get your free chart

Need help to understand and implement your chart? Book a reading with me!

Re : “Project Next” Stay in the loop for the next DIY Business Course 🤩 Email me or slide into my DMs


that’s a wrap!

Thank you for journeying down Memory Lane with me! I am so happy that I took the time to do this for myself, and I hope you got something from it too.

My biggest hope is that YOU are inspired to go after the things you want in life — you can have them. Start taking action in that direction.

Things have a way of working out 💖