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My 3 Mentors + Innov48 Conference

One thing you may not know about me is I spend a lot of time following people who are successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders.  Instead of listening to the news or talk shows, I listen to people who can be my mentors and help me grow as a person and help me grow my business.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Innov48 (read innovate) conference at Dan Miller’s house. I enjoyed Coaching with Excellence so much that I had to go back to another event and take my mom with me.

My top three mentors are in Nashville:

Dave Ramsey – Personal Finance

Mom and I shook hands with Dave and snapped a quick photo.  This was my second time to meet him, so I was excited and ready to chat instead of really freaking nervous!

Dan Miller – Career/Passion

Dan and his family are awesome! They are all friendly, generous, and down to Earth. This is my second visit to The Sanctuary, and I felt right at home. We’re posing next to the 48days mascot in the making.  Scott Stearman sculpted this eagle during the conference. He’s very talented and a cool guy!

Michael Hyatt – Leadership

I met Michael for the first time! I was so excited to meet him because I’ve been following him for a couple years. He’s super nice and very energetic!



Coaching with Excellence


If you want to learn more about events at The Sanctuary, then click on these banners. I’ve attended both of these events and they are fabulous.  Each are two FULL days of connecting with people and learning how to develop your passion and grow your business.

48 Days Innov48 Live Event



During the Innov48 conference, I was inspired to create a new service.  If you want to learn more about adding The Phelps Factor to your eating habits, then click below.

Do you feel stuck in a rut with your current eating habits?

Do you wonder if you’re eating the right way to get the body you desire?

Let me help you!

In addition to personal training, I offer sessions devoted exclusively to food! See more details or ask me questions.