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Moving to Florida : Day 1 – Leaving Memphis

After 11 years in one place, I packed and purged my apartment, turned in my keys, and hit the road to South Florida.

I know the journey will be full of life lessons and interesting things, so I wanted to document it along the way. I’ll start with The First 30 Days.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Super fun and fulfilling Send Off Party the night before with Pam and Terry, my fave Memphis band.
  • Great moving buddies who helped me with last minute details and brought me breakfast that morning.
  • Reliving high school music through my old CDs  – Jock Jams really helped around hour 5 in the car!

The Bad

  • I feel like I’ve neglected a lot of things I said I would do the last week because moving took over – like following up on the launch of my new service. Turns out that was the last Fb Live in my apartment. Wow!

Beautiful Moments

  • Group hugging with my parents to say goodbye for now.
  • Laughing with a gas station attendant about the “energy burpees” I was doing in the parking lot.

Lessons Learned

  • I can choose to make myself wrong or right.
  • I can choose my emotional state and all of them are okay.


  • I’m amazed at my sense of balance and confidence through this process. Yes, I’ve had moments of all the emotions, but overall I feel great. I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be. I don’t think “Lauren a year ago” would have felt this way.
  • First time to stay in a shared Airbnb!


Is there anything you’d like me to discuss in these 30 days?


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