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I Could Never Get Over the Past & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Today I got a surprise from my past!

Sounds a little spooky – lol – at first I was curious about this envelope addressed to ME in MY handwriting, but then I remembered.

Date with Destiny.

I attended a Tony Robbins event in December 2016 called Date with Destiny. It was a beautiful event that has impacted each day of my life since then. I loved it.

I thought I would need a tissue to read the letter I wrote to myself… I was wrong.

Watch the video for my exact reaction. 

“Letting go of the past will set me free to create a better life.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

If you let go of your past – let go of hurt, pain, frustration – you’ll be FREE.

Letting go of the past gives you FREEDOM to create an even better life for you RIGHT NOW and in the future.

Don’t we all want that?

Unfortunately, it’s in our nature (DNA) to move away from things that cause us pain, to seek shelter against danger.

We must actively train our brains to react differently in situations that don’t involve physical danger.

There’s probably not a tiger around the corner – it could have been a poor decision of the past that’s LONG gone.  The only reason it still lives is because we are still thinking about it.  {ugh!!}

Here’s what I do to retrain my brain:

  1. Notice in the moment and become aware that I’m holding on to the past
  2. Make peace with it by being loving or curious
  3. Decide to move forward instead of continuing to look back

In my past, I have been obsessed with “why didn’t I start sooner or figure out my passion sooner?”  I could bring myself down in thoughts of “wasted time” that I’ll never get back.


What I have is RIGHT NOW. I have this moment to smile, encourage someone, and take action toward the things that matter to me right now.

That’s it.

We get to choose.


What will you choose?  


I’d love to hear your feedback from this topic or hear your story of overcoming the past. Send me a note!

This is Part 5 in a series called I Could Never…. Here’s Part 1,  23, and 4 if you missed it!