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I Could Never Run an Obstacle Course Race & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

This topic is somewhat specific, but I know that many people are interested!

What is an obstacle race!?

They are all the rage these days from mild mud runs to hardcore ninja obstacles with fire and electricity. What!?

You can see them on TV {American Ninja Warrior, Broken Skull Ranch, Spartan} and watch other people race, and it’s also fun to try it yourself.

If I asked you “Do you wanna run an obstacle race with me?”

You might say:

  • “Omg I could not do that.”
  • “I’m not in that good of shape.”
  • “I might get hurt.”
  • “Omg. I’m scared.”

Let me assure you that if you have a desire – you can make this happen!

So unlike our last topic – this is a little more specific and you might have no idea what’s involved.

Before you commit to never being able to run an obstacle race, do these things:

1. Do Research!

Go to the website. Check out the obstacles. See which ones looks doable, which ones look scary, and which ones looks absolutely impossible.

This is important: Find out if you are required to do the obstacles and if they have penalties for failing or skipping.

2. Start Training!

You can do general fitness or train for specific obstacles! By the time you get to the real race, you’ll be more confident and fit and actually focus on having fun.

3. Find Friends!

Races are sooo sooo sooo much more fun with friends. Seriously! You get to help each other with the obstacles and celebrate your success at the end. You go through some pain together {lol}, and you’re closer as a result.

Anyone can do an obstacle race no matter your age or your fitness level. You might need to train first to minimize your discomfort – but anyone can do this!

Some people think races are all about competition, but I think they are all about fun!

It gives you something to do together with a community, and it helps you grow – that’s what life is all about!

Have you ever completed an obstacle race?


Do you wanna go with me and friends this Fall!? We’re going to Conquer the Gauntlet!


This is Part 2 in a series called I Could Never…. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it! Check back for Part 3!