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The Power of Questions – Sneak Peek into Powerful & Motivated

Today I’m sharing something I’ve never shared before.

I’ve been talking about my Powerful & Motivated Course and the awesome results people have been getting, so I decided to give you a peek at one of our lessons.

Each day includes a video with a lesson to learn or practice. Most of the lessons are geared toward mindset and rewiring our patterns. Eating well and exercising becomes the easy part!

Here is our Day 23:

The Power of Questions

Our brains are always asking questions.  You know the little voice inside that’s always talking or inquiring about something?

It might sound like “how come it’s easy for her to lose weight and not for me?”  or “why is this so hard?” or “what if I never succeed?”

These are natural questions; however, they give us poor answers for a happy life!

Be Aware

First, listen to the questions you’re asking yourself and notice them. Maybe even write them down along with how you’re feeling at that moment.

Update Your Question

Your brain is designed to answer your questions and do what you say. 
If you say “Why am I not losing weight?” your brain will give you the answer – “because you overate, because you’ll never been able to lose weight, because you suck”



We MUST update the question to a more empowering question that will lead to what you really want.

“How” questions are generally good.

You could ask “How could I work a little harder tomorrow?” or “How could I enjoy a healthier lunch?”

You’ll get the answer you actually want, AND you’ll feel empowered and amazing.

It’s a practice!

Now that you’re aware of your questions, you can practice updating them. You’ll have to do this over and over and over until your brain gets the message that this is your new way of thinking.

Once you’ve practiced enough, you won’t even ask the disempowering questions anymore!

Want to know more about the online course? See more details here. Our next class starts on July 5th. Space is limited.