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How to Stop Compulsive Activities

Have you ever noticed that you feel compelled to do something simple?

You feel pulled to go for a coffee or tea? You feel because your phone is in your hand, that you must check Facebook?

I noticed this particularly about checking my apps, so I decided to take a short break. Just for a day.

It felt tough and then like freedom.

When YOU take control of your tiny actions, you can make even more progress in your day and in your life.

Tiny actions we take or don’t take might look like nothing, but they really add up over time.  They add up in ways like time spent, mental energy, weight gain, and frustration.

You could compare it to compounding interest in you’re into numbers!

Since I love to work on improving myself and my processes, I decided to try something.

I committed to myself and my person that I would stay off Facebook and email for an entire Saturday.


At first it was super hard. I would pick up my phone to take a photo and within seconds I’d find myself on the search bar going to Facebook.

I shouted “No!” and didn’t tap the button.

This went on for a while until I finally realized that I was in fact serious and then I started forgetting about it.


It’s interesting how something so ingrained in my muscle memory became absent within a few hours of practicing a new habit.


I survived Saturday without reporting my activities or posting a picture of food. LOL

I actually felt GOOD. It felt good to have a break and just be present with my environment.

One Day Off is going to be a new thing!

You can apply this to any area of your life. Just Notice it and then Interrupt it. 

{in the video, I share a second example of how this happened in my tea habits}



Want to do Saturday off Facebook with me!? We can text to stay accountable!


This is Part 8 in a series called Life Hacks!  Here’s Part 12, 3, 4, 56, and 7 if you missed it.  Send me a note to suggest a topic!