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Hear What Everyone is Saying

"The pandemic changed me into a version of me that I didn't like. Working with Lauren, we made a plan to change that, and I am grateful to her that I am now a new and improved version of myself. Working 1:1 has really help me understand myself, set goals and build confidence to believe that I can do whatever I want in my life."

Mel V.

"I absolutely love Lauren’s groups. I participated in a few throughout 2023 and I saw great success each time. I love the laid back form via telegram, that there are no “watch this right now or you’ll miss out” lives, and that there is always a positive attitude, support, and cheer. Lauren makes accomplishing your goals fun and fun makes accomplishing goals easier!"

Caitlin R.

"Lauren is an invaluable asset to my personal development journey. Her insight, encouragement, and support has helped me grow in self confidence and awareness! I love it! Lauren cleverly integrates her knowledge of human design to help me align my mind, body, and heart with efficiency! Things just "click" when we talk it out!"

Lindsay H.

"As a result of us working together, I am working out more and setting more goals. I realized how to set goals that invigorate me instead of look good to others. Most importantly, I get up in the morning with gratitude and action. I feel triumphant from my circumstances and have a better mindset moving forward."

Allie W.

"I’ve done a few of Lauren’s workshops and every time I have the same feeling: I’m supported, challenged to step into that next level of my awesomeness and learn so much more to help me transform into the best version of me. I loooove how she has such a playful way of sharing important knowledge and keeps me focused on the end result every workshop I attend!"

Ana J.

"I'm just over two weeks into working out with Lauren. You'll never achieve a fitness goal until you learn to enjoy working out; and that is what Lauren excels at! She makes it fun and funny!"

Scott S.

"I found your voice very calming and loved your insights you shared - felt very safe sharing things with you. At an especially tricky couple of weeks in my life."

Lauren R.

"I realized that I've been swimming against the current all this time, and now I can relax into {my human design} being a projector and guiding my team and the people around me in an insightful way."

Hernan V.

"My favorite part of working with Lauren was the energy, the sparkles, chats, motivation and encouragement. I now believe that I can do anything! Consistency is key!"

Julie C.

"When I decided that I really need help, I was so exhausted. Lauren is the person who transformed my life all over. She affected my thinking, my actions, and most importantly belief in myself. In the beginning, she believed in me before I did. She helps me believe in my future, making plans, and being thankful of what I achieved. I destroyed my fear, and I started see the world around me."

Farah S.

"Lauren is such an encouragement. As a mom with a 6 month old exercise that I feel helps me in my limited time to work out is hard to come by. Lauren keeps you cheerful, excited, and pumped for each work out and the Insanity has improved my body tremendously. If I could only work out once a week, it'd be with Lauren."

Tara B.

"I am a CLASSIC example of a girl who "let herself go". During college I gained a little weight, but once the wedding dress came off, the weight packed on! It is so very easy to eat unhealthy food and spend evenings sitting around staring at the television. Once I realized the effects I knew I needed to do something about it, but pinning workouts on Pinterest didn't do the trick (imagine that!). I tried a MILLION times to fight the battle alone, but was losing, and not gracefully. I currently work with Lauren several times a week and I am halfway to my goal.The hardest part of this journey was reaching out for guidance, but Lauren is without a doubt the key to my success. Positive motivation, exciting, new and sometimes just weird workouts keep me interested in exercising and makes sweating out the bad life choices fun! My time with Lauren is so valuable and I look forward to see where we are in the next six weeks. Thank you Lauren!"

LauraLadd P.

"I have nearly two decades worth of experience with cardio, weight training and healthy eating. But a few years ago, I lost my mojo, gained some weight and had trouble re-engaging with a healthy lifestyle. I met Lauren when my company, as party of a wellness initiative, hired her to take our team through some fitness classes. She was fun, friendly and showed no mercy. We were laughing and sweating—it was a great team-building exercise. In the weeks after the workouts, I participated in some of Lauren’s online clean eating groups and benefitted greatly from this intentional approach to food. I took a hard look at my health and decided that something needed to change. I called Lauren, and we began meeting weekly to identify opportunities for change, plan meals, review workouts for the coming week and celebrate successes. One of my favorite things about Lauren is that she doesn’t judge past behavior but prefers instead to focus on future solutions. This positive approach is a huge motivator for me. Lauren’s empathy and experience have been so encouraging. I am now able to create and adhere to a plan—taking a more proactive approach to my health. In addition to our meet-ups, Lauren encourages me throughout the week via text and social media. Thanks for helping me get my mojo back, Lauren!"

Dawn M.

"You have helped me in so many ways it’s hard to really put my experience into words!! Your accountability is so much more than just a weight loss and exercise program! You challenged me to live a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically. Let’s review the “highlights”: I lost 20lbs I lost 10+ inches I went down 2 pant and shirt sizes! I bought a smaller bathing suit I didn’t need to wear my coverup at the beach I sleep better I have better digestion I drink more water than I ever have I started prioritizing “me time” I journaled I started meditating regularly My moods lifted My energy soared I’ve never felt more confident You have equipped me with a full “tool belt” to help me try to navigate these new habits solo. I’m going to do my best for the next month or so and will absolutely reach out if I need to start an occasional check in!! Your help, guidance and accountability helped me become the best version of myself!! I cannot thank you enough for how you’ve helped change my life!!! "

Michelle R.

"After two weeks of high stress at work followed by a week of vacation, I completely fell off of the “work-out” wagon. When I got home from vacation and saw an already scheduled training appointment with Lauren, I was so relieved to know that she would hold me accountable and get me back on track. Having Lauren’s coaching built into my busy calendar makes the pathway to healthy living a lot less stressful! "

Sarah D.

"I never thought I’d be one of THOSE people who could actually say I enjoyed working out, or eating vegetables, or was just an overall positive person and actually mean it. That is until I accepted the help of Lauren. Lauren has helped me live the life that I never knew I could possibly achieve and love. She doesn’t judge you on mistakes you make or setbacks that you may have along the way. She has the unique ability to be able to motivate and teach you in a positive way to make healthier choices. For me, her positivity and encouragement has held me accountable and changed my perspective on life as a whole. To date, I have lost over 60 pounds, and Lauren has been there every step of the way. I actually find myself looking for ways to eat healthier or try new things. I even get excited talking to others about how they can make healthy changes too. Those are things I NEVER thought I would say about myself, but yet I am, and it’s all because of Lauren. I’m one of THOSE people now and I love it. She has taught me the true meaning of a “Fat Free Friend” – a confidant who pushes you to be your best and always look for the positive. I thank you, Lauren. I will forever be grateful."

Dana H.

"Lauren Phelps takes coaching to a whole new level while maintaining a practical approach to Health and Wellness. My life has changed so much since I met Lauren. I am working out more regularly, paying attention to what I am eating and have made health a mainstay in my daily life. The outcome is that I feel noticeably better and have more energy throughout the day. Lauren’s nutritional and health knowledge, positive outlook and dynamic personality have been an incredible combination in helping improve my health, fitness and life. She is funny and personable. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel better, look better, and lead a healthy life."

Mark A.

"Lauren is the sweetest person. She is an amazing coach and trainer. She pushes you to go further than your comfort zone and she does it in such a nice way that you can't help but to want to keep going. She is always happy and smiling and just so sweet which in turn puts you in that same mood when your around her. I feel like that's a good thing to be in such a happy mood because it makes you want to keep going and pushing yourself through the workout until you just can't anymore. I would recommend Lauren in a heartbeat. She's the best!"

Ashley S.

"When I first considered working out with a personal trainer I had doubts, but after six months working with Lauren, I am a believer with noticeable gains in muscle definition and losses in weight. Lauren is simply the best! What makes Lauren so special is that she truly cares about people and helping them achieve their goals, she takes the time to carefully craft workout sessions and provide expert guidance, and Lauren makes herself available between training sessions with feedback and advice. Thanks Lauren!"

Dave F.

"My goal in seeking out a personal trainer was to boost my metabolism and to tone up. Lauren had definitely helped me achieve both of these things! Lauren is such a great motivator and really helps with workouts by making then fun! She is there observing every move during the workout to encourage along the way. She takes an all inclusive approach by providing not only workout plans, but by reviewing diet as well. I have been a faithful exerciser and maintained a healthy diet in the past, but Lauren has truly helped me take my health and fitness to a higher level!"

Amy M.

"A 6 week INSANITY Boot Camp was just the change my conditioning program needed. I had fallen into a stale boring workout routine. A few of my friends suggested I try out Lauren Phelps Coaching's INSANITY Boot Camp. The first couple classes were challenging as I grasp the new movements, but Lauren does a great job of offering variations to kept me going with the pace of the class. It only took a few classes to notice an increase in my endurance and agility. Thanks Lauren!!"

Scott F.

"If your like me, then living a healthy life style is one of those goals that seems unachievable, almost like a fairytale. It is something you see on TV and read about in magazines. It is that dream you have where you wake up feeling healthy in your body. Well, I have news...this fairytale dream is very achievable. All you need is the right tools, and Lauren has those tools. Lauren has taught me how to understand food, how to commit to a workout, and how to ask for help when you need it. Lauren's approach is one of support and encouragement. She will give you new ideas on how to live your own version of a healthy life style. Enjoy your fairytale!!"

Jennifer H.

"Insanity with Lauren has been a fun, exciting way to sweat and workout without the mundane feel of running or other forms of cardio. The exercises force you to use muscles that will help get you toned and looking better than ever! After 6 weeks, I noticed a ton of difference in my legs and abs and my arms are coming along now, too! After two rounds of her 6-week classes, and now I can’t quit. I’ve made friends in the classes, including Lauren, and I feel great about myself!"

Chrissy B.

"INSANITY led by Lauren supplemented my walk/running training for local 5k runs. The INSANITY cardio combined with the repetition built up my body's endurance and core strength. At the end of six weeks, I ran my PR in the Cooper Young 4miler thanks to Lauren and this class!"

Sheri F.

"It was a great experience working with Lauren. She helped me focus on a few things that really needed attention. They were small but when practiced faithfully, they can make a huge difference. Lauren is a good Health Coach and can help you improve your diet and improve your health. I know I will be a much healthier person as a result of my coaching experience with Lauren."

James R.

"I was hardly ever a fan of group workouts and not confident of how I would feel after INSANITY. After six weeks I can see that my legs and armed are stronger, I have more energy for my four month old daughter after work, and muscle is taking over the post c-section havoc of my stomach. Lauren makes everyone feel confident, secure, excited, and able to keep pushing throughout the workout. I look forward to taking INSANITY again with her!"

Tammy W.

"Before taking Lauren's INSANITY class, I had previously tried INSANITY at home and gave up after three days thinking there was no way that I could do this. Lauren was able to show me modifications to most of the exercises so that I could gradually work up to doing the full movement. After 6 weeks, I was able to do 26 push-up jacks when I wasn't able to do even 1 when we started. Her high energy and positive attitude keep you motivated and makes you want to push yourself just to keep up with her."

Candice G.