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Tony Robbins UPW Dallas 2023

Unleash the Power Within Recap
Day 1 🔥

We’ve been working and playing our hearts out since 7am and likely won’t go home until 1am 😲

But when we do, we’ll be firewalkers again – my 13th 🔥✨

One thing Tony said that stood out today so far is —

When you love people however they are – they tend to make improvements 🫶🏼 {vs when you try to change them or wish they were different}

Day 2 Quote :

Change is never a matter of ability. It’s only a matter of motivation.

Day 3 Quote :

We all volunteer for what we experience 🤯 {not what happens, how we experience what happens}

Day 4 : Complete ☑️🫶🏼

5 days and nights serving with amazing people, for amazing people 😻 it’s an honor to witness the unexplainable magic that happens at these events ✨
People ask why I keep going back – my 13th firewalk and 42nd total event – I go back because I feel so A L I V E in this environment. It’s a unique place that isn’t quite like “normal life” 🔥 everyone is a friend, most people are authentic and even vulnerable, and a few magical moments + stories fill my heart with so much love, gratitude, hope and encouragement every single time 💐
I love you.
I thank you.

Until next time 🎤🏃🏻‍♀️🥷🤌🍑😹