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Trade Perfect for Done

Ever feel like a fan girl {or boy}?

That’s how I felt when I attended a book signing with John Acuff on a cold October morning.  I picked up another copy of his book –  Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done – so I could have these awesome bonus posters!

Check out the video to see what the posters are all about:

Here are 3 quick rules to being a Finisher:

Have twice as much fun.

Having fun is critical to me. If you’re not having fun, chances are, you’re not going to be motivated to do a something that you have to complete. Having fun makes it more bearable. I try to see how fast I can do mundane computer tasks – “okay, I just spent 10 seconds doing this, let’s see if I can do it in 8 seconds” – and just have a fun game with myself like that.

Trade perfect for done.

How often do we try to make something so perfect and we never finish it because it is not good enough for our perfect standards? You can benefit from trading perfect for done. You finish one version of it, then you can have a second version of it later if you decide that you still want to improve on it. Finish something, even if it’s not perfect.

There are a lot of great questions that you can ask yourself and that will help you finish: “How can I make progress toward finishing this project?” “How can I map the exit strategy and be excited about sharing it with other people?” “How can I mark this off my list?” I love marking things “done!” Are you with me?

Get rid of secret rules.

Yes, we all have a lot of secret rules: “I can’t do this until that other thing happens” or “I can’t do it that way because of this reason that doesn’t really matter,” etc. Get rid of secret rules.

So here’s what I am going to finish this week: I’m going to finish mailing out the samples to my clients that are taking my 5-day energy revamp. I’m super excited about this project!  I’ll let my organizational-nerd-self have fun with it by making an assembly line, so next week we all will be having great energy together.

I want to hear from you and learn what you’re going to finish next week!


This is Part 1 in a series called Finish Tour. Check back for Part 2.