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The Week Before the Beach : Boundaries

Summer is here!! Yay!!

Many people are traveling to beaches or other relaxation spots this time of year, so I wanted to give you some tips for heading out to the beach with maximum confidence.

Losing a couple pounds or making sure you’ve packed the right things can help you to go on vacation and actually relax.

Today, I’ll share advice on creating boundaries BEFORE you go on your trip.

Do you have a job or career that keeps you connected most of the time?

You never really leave work because you’re connected through email on your phone, or people are calling you.  It’s common these days for most people especially if you have your own business! Even when you’re the boss and can take a vacation whenever you want, you still feel compelled to be connected.

How can you possibly relax on vacation if you’re still functioning like you’re at work?

How can you make a vacation more than just an office with a beautiful view?

Set boundaries before you go.

  • Block time to gather to-dos during the trip and immediately when you return.
  • See what you must do or what you can delegate.
  • Decide how often you must check in with your work or social media.
  • Agree on a plan before you go.

By taking the time to do this before you go, you’ll have clear expectations for yourself as well as for people on the trip with you.

If your partner is expecting you to be fully present, but you’re on your phone all day, then the vacation could be less than relaxing.

Nobody wants that!!

Pro Tip: Rules can keep you safe from habits & help you enjoy vacation even more.

Here’s an example:

Decide in advance that you’ll look at your email/social/voicemail twice a day right after breakfast and right before dinner.

Set reminders or alarms for any important time sensitive tasks.

Commit to yourself and others that you’ll put your phone in airplane mode for the rest of the time.

Now you can enjoy your vacation and explore your surroundings instead of mindlessly scrolling instagram from your beach chair.

Your brain will thank you.

I promise.

What are your vacation “rules”?


Send me a note about how this process works for you.


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This is Part 3 in a series called The Week Before the Beach! Here’s Part 1 and 2 if you missed it.