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What’s Your Experience Telling You?

He said something that shocked me.

After going to the book signing event of John Acuff’s Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done, I started to think about all the things in my life that I have not finished.

At the event, someone asked a question to Jon about writing a book. The person has been wanting to write a book for six years and was looking for his advice.

Jon’s reply surprised me: “Wow! You have six years of evidence that you’re not going to do that. Why don’t you hire a ghost writer?” What an eye opener!

How often do we put something off and not do it because it’s not in our skill set or it’s not interesting enough?  aaaand then beat ourselves up because it is not done…Lame!

First – let’s end the beating ourselves up like right now.

Okay. Done.

Now – Let’s divide and conquer.

If you’re wanting to finish a project, do you have to do it all?

Can you hire somebody else to do it for you?

Could you work on that project as a team?

Can you collaborate with somebody and divide the tasks?

Can you allow yourself to let it look different?

When the project is finished, it counts as done. That’s the most important thing.

It still counts if you got help or if you paid somebody to do it for you. You had an idea and took the necessary steps to make it happen.

Example: Say you have a weight-loss goal, what could you do to achieve it?

Your approach doesn’t have to end up with you searching online for healthy meal recipes, going every day to the grocery store, and cooking every single meal.

You can make it fun and get other people to help you: hire a personal trainer, or hire somebody to cook your meals, or sign up for a meal delivery service – this way you don’t have to do everything, and there are people who’d be happy to help you if you just ask them.

You get the result you wanted without all the stress!

I want to hear from you and learn how you’re going to creatively finish something in your life!

Remember – Make it FUN!


This is Part 2 in a series called Finish Tour. Here’s Part f if you missed it!