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What I Ate Wednesday #27 {Lenny’s!}

Happy Wednesday!  I’m posting extra early because I’m headed to Nashville, TN this morning.  I’m going to visit Dave Ramsey and attend a conference at Dan Miller‘s house. It’s going to be SUPER fun!

Since I’m going out of town, I didn’t grocery shop this week. That means I dined out all day! I actually ate at Lenny’s twice!  I love my local Lenny’s.  It’s literally downstairs from my apartment, and all the employees know my name, my order, and my addiction to unsweet tea.

Here’s what I ate {Lenny’s Day!}:


1. Lenny’s Black Bean Burger – Yum! If you’ve never tried a black bean burger, this is a good one to try. It has a great flavor and texture.
2. Chia Seeds – I like adding chia seeds to my shakes for extra fiber and extra crunch!
3. Maggie Moo’s is also downstairs from my apartment.  I enjoyed a pre-vacation treat of better batter, chocolate, and cookie dough.  (yes, I eat ice cream)


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Do you frequent a restaurant where everyone knows your name?