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What I Ate Wednesday #28 {Innov48}

Let’s call this “What I Ate Wednesday through Saturday: The Highlights”.

As I mentioned last week, I went to Nashville to visit Dave Ramsey and attend a conference at Dan Miller‘s house.  I had a FABULOUS time!  We did NOT go hungry on this trip. I took my blender and had a shake for breakfast every day, ate lots of lean protein, and indulged in desserts.

Here’s what I ate {Innov48 trip}:


1. Have you ever seen so many waffle fries on one plate?? At The Log Cabin, I ordered a side salad and fries with my grilled chicken. I was shocked with they brought this plate!  I didn’t make a dent in the fries, but the chicken was really good.
2. Martha’s Place cookies. oh. my. gosh. The lovely video crew set the plate right in front of me.  My favorite was the double chocolate with caramel.
3. Sushi with lemon at Sake. Surprisingly good.
4. Lots of chicken. Lots of not pictured dessert.


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