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What I Ate Wednesday #31 {Cokes + Candy}

This is me Keeping it Real. Every week, I choose a day to photograph everything I eat and share it with you.  Usually, I forget until Monday or Tuesday, so I hope I eat something interesting on those days.  This is what I ate Monday.  For the record, I haven’t had one piece of Halloween candy since Monday.  I go a little crazy and then I stop for a few days or a week.  That’s my strategy.

Here’s what I ate {cokes + candy}:


1. I brought lots of prepped food to work for snacks for the whole week!
2. The first coke and candy was an attempt to fight sleepiness.   Can’t explain the second one!
3. Lunch at home was a healthy salad!
4. Breakfast for dinner was fabulous at the Pancake Shop. I only ate a couple bites of the pancakes. Promise.


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What’s your favorite Halloween treat?