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What I Ate Wednesday #39 {Thanksgiving!}

Thanksgiving lunch was very tasty this year! I brought the dark green veggies and my mom cooked the dressing and lots of other sides.  Everything was very good!

Here’s what I ate {for Thanksgiving}:



1. Smoked Turkey – aka – PROTEIN.  With all the carb heavy sides and desserts, I was sure to eat a lot of turkey to help balance it out.

2. Bacon wrapped green beans – a family tradition.  Simply wrap green beans in half a slice of bacon, cover with Italian dressing, refrigerate overnight, then drain the liquid and bake.

3. Homemade cranberry sauce.  I don’t have the recipe, but it definitely included fresh cranberries and orange slices.  I have always been a fan of can shaped sauce, but definitely not anymore!


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What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving meals?