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What I Ate Wednesday #5 {Almost Perfect Healthy Eats}

Happy Wednesday!  Yesterday was my off day from exercise, so I tried extra hard to stick to a healthy diet.  Mostly, I succeeded thanks to my stocked fridge.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Chocolate-Chia-Banana-Smoothie

I crave my Shakeology every morning. It’s as important as drying my hair!  Lately, I’ve been adding chia seeds to it. They provide extra fiber and omega-3s and give my shake a slight crunch.

Morning Snack: Carrots, Trail Mix, Water

I eat these snacks most days. Portioning out trail mix into single servings is a great idea!

Lunch: Homemade Salad, Tortilla Chips, Unsweet Tea

Random salads are so fun! This one includes green leaf lettuce, red and orange bell pepper, raw corn, cucumber, and avocado. I swirled red wine vinegar over the top, and it was delicious!  Then, I remembered that I bought bean sprouts for salads.  They were super crunchy and yummy!

Afternoon: Cutie!, 3 Chewy Peppermints

The Cordova Farmer’s Market had cuties by the pound! I was excited to only buy a few that I knew I’d have time to eat.

Dinner: Royal Port Tilapia, Bread, Butter, Water

Don’t freak out! I only had 2 pieces of bread. However, I made a happy plate with my veggies and tilapia. Outback has the best tilapia topped with crawfish and shrimp. YUM.  Good friends made this meal even tastier.

 That’s all folks!  A healthy day of salads, veggies, fruits, and fish.  Had I skipped the peppermints, it would have been a perfect day.

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