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What I Ate Wednesday #6 {Long Workout + Game Night}

Weekends tend to be “workout extravaganzas” for me. I have extra time, so why not push extra hard!?

Here’s what I ate Saturday:

Breakfast: Protein “Pancake”, Double Protein Chocolate Smoothie

You can read about my pancake mishap here. I love getting to drink TWO glasses of Shakeology. It keeps me full for a few hours.

Morning Snack: None.

I was busy doing things like this:

Lunch: Shrimp Tacos, Sweet Potato Fries, Unsweet Tea

Buy lunchtime, I was starving!  I almost forgot to photograph my meal.  Humdingers Extra Hot Sauce is so good!

Afternoon: Water

Water and shopping!  I actually enjoy not needing snacks on the weekend.

Dinner: Salad, Cheddar Pretzels, Cheddar Popcorn, Mini Reese’s

BEFORE I went to game night, I ate a fresh, healthy, beautiful salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and red wine vinegar. I had a feeling there would be snacks that I wouldn’t want to resist.  Whoever brought the CHEDDAR popcorn AND pretzels is EVIL.  Bet you can’t eat just one!  Oh well!  We had a good time playing games, laughing, and snacking.


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