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What I Ate Wednesday #7 {5k Race Day}

On April 5th, I ran in my first race of the season! I love the energy of the race environment!

Here’s what I ate on race day:

Breakfast: Shakeology with Extra Protein

I know I’m getting predictable. Shakeology is my go to breakfast every single day. It’s nice to not have to think about food first thing in the morning.

Morning Snack: Micro Greens!

It’s opening day of the Downtown Farmer’s Market! I tried these freshly clipped microgreens and bought some sunchokes just because I’ve never heard of them.

Lunch: Salmon Burger, Roasted Veggies, Unsweet Tea

Mom and I dined at The Elegant Farmer for the first time. It was delicious!

Afternoon: Espresso Beans, Cutie

I needed a little pre-race fuel!  Espresso beans are a new addiction of mine, and I don’t even like coffee.  Odd!

Dinner: Random Race Food, Shakeology Again

After my intense 30:32 run, I ate a bunch of food that I don’t normally eat. I did forego the pizza and beer because it didn’t sound good to me at all! I could have used a giant salad full of fresh fruits and veggies. Where’s that race food?

Later in the evening, I was hungry again and wanted something healthy to balance out the junk I ate earlier.  Thank you, Shakeology!

I finished 100th overall and came close to beating my personal record.  My dad finished a whole minute and a half faster than me!

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What foods do you eat on race day?

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