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What I Ate Wednesday #8 {Off Schedule}

My weekends tend to be a delicate balance between sleeping late and relaxing and getting out to enjoy the sunshine.  Sunday, my friend and I went to Shelby Farms to exercise and explore.  We decided to meet at noon so we could both relax in the morning, but still take advantage of the beautiful sunshine.

Here’s what I ate – way off schedule:

Breakfast: Protein Pancake, Shakeology

In preparation for a really late lunch, I had a huge breakfast.  My usual pancake recipe + strawberries.  YUM.  Adding fruit into the pancake batter changes everything!  Later, I had my Shakeology while I read The Compound Effect.

strawberry-protein-pancake shakeology-book

Morning Snack: Raw Almonds

I’ve noticed I eat more in the mornings compared to the rest of the day.  I was having anxiety about not eating for several hours. LOL – silly I know.


Lunch: Technically Nothing

At lunchtime, I was hanging out here with this lovely lady.  Like our headbands?

Shelby-farms-lake fat-free-friends

Afternoon: Shrimp Tacos + Sweet Potato Fries

You’ve seen it before. I have a slight addiction to tacos, and Humdinger’s is very yummy.  I wanted you to see what my friend ordered too.  It looked amazing!!

humdingers-shrimp-tacos humdingers-fish-veggies

Dinner: Chocolate Avocado Pudding, Popcorn

Since I had such a late lunch, I didn’t get hungry for much dinner. I snacked on some “pudding” that I made earlier in the week and then popped my own popcorn in the microwave.

avocado-chocolate-pudding homemade-popcorn

It was a great day! I ate several of my favorite foods and hung out with one of my favorite people.


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