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Work Life Balance – Creating Space

Do you ever wonder if you’re taking enough time off work or getting the right work life balance?

I’ve been questioning that for myself lately, so I polled my Facebook family.

Taking a Poll:
Do you REALLY take days off work? Like no email. No projects. Legit OFF work.

Most people commented “Nope!” A few said sometimes or always on specific days.

After thinking about it, I have decided to work toward taking a least one full day off in order to find out if it has an impact on my peace of mind or my body.

Create space for new and awesome things to enter your life.

You only have a 24 hours in the day, and you must sleep sometime! Lol

Even overachievers run out of energy and need to rest and recharge! It’s important to remember that we cannot do ALL THE THINGS and make ALL THE PEOPLE pleased all the time.

In order to maximize your productivity, you could review your commitments to see what’s still serving you and what is not.  Maybe something you started doing a few years ago isn’t actually serving you anymore; however, it’s still a comfortable habit.

As you look at your schedule, see which things are taking the most time and energy and look for ways to create space.

Are those things bringing you closer to your goals or bringing you happiness?

If not, it’s time to shift!

Action: Take 5 minutes today to look over your upcoming month.

For example: I used to teach a class one night a week. For a while, I loved it and it fit perfectly into my plan and business model. After a while, it wasn’t fitting as well, so I decided to let it go. I felt guilty like I was letting my students down, but I knew that I need to create the space for something new to happen.

Be aware: People might give you some backlash but don’t let that stop you!  You’ve got to stay true to yourself, YOUR outcomes and doing what’s best for YOU.

Feel confident to let it go and create the space for something new and exciting to happen.

What will you feel relieved to let go?


If you’d like to chat more about finding work life balance or tracking your habits, then schedule a free chat with me. I’d love to hear your story!


This is Part 3 in a series called Work Life Balance.  Here’s Part 1 and 2!