Small Habits Lead to Big Results

Want to get more accomplished? Add some layers of accountablity!

What’s Involved!?

  • BYOP – Bring your own plan! Whatever you enjoy doing for fitness – you can do that!
  • If you need a fresh fitness plan, then I can help you choose or create one.
  • Celebrate daily actions with friends who are committed to fitness for July too!
  • Life is easier with a positive peer group – I promise!
  • Need extra support?  Choose a one-on-one option for customized support.

Join Us!

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Success Stories

"I made a commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle and exercise more after having my daughter... Just imagine a jello jiggler, haha!  Lauren is the perfect accountability coach for me.  She challenges me, encourages me and guides me to overcome my weakness and excuses!  In just two short weeks, I've exercised almost daily and have lost 4.5lbs!   I'm motivated and excited to continue this journey with Lauren!!"

Michelle R.

"Thank you so much for coaching me through your app. I have some major financial goals and looking at my daily check off list has kept me on track. I have even surpassed my goal the past 2 months. I saved even more money than I expected. I'm realizing the money is there whether I spend or invest it. I am mastering my debt with your help."

Crissy H.

"I realized I wanted and needed a fitness trainer to teach me to be accountable and hold me to those standards.  Little did I know that I would get a lot more.  As we got into fitness and working towards losing weight (my ultimate goal), I discovered that Lauren would also help me with nutrition, positivity, random challenges and so much more."

Julie C.