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3 Reasons to Workout with a Polar Bear

Okay — Not really.

People often ask me how many calories they burn during a workout.  I always suggest that they get a heart rate monitor like the one I wear.  It’s by the brand POLAR, like the bear.

The most basic models like the FT4and FT7 are great for tracking your heart rate and calories burned. You can also by more advanced versions that include a GPS.  You don’t have to get a POLAR brand, but you do need to get one with a chest strap to measure your heart rate the entire time you’re exercising.  Some brands only include a watch, and you have to stop exercising and hold your finger to the watch to get your heart rate.  No body has time for that!  Compare models here.

Why would you want to wear a heart rate monitor?

  1. To see your calorie burn. – If you’re focused on weight loss or gain, then it’s good to know how many calories you are burning so you can adjust your food intake to reach your goals.
  2. To manage your energy – If your heart rate is too high at the beginning of the workout, then you might run out of energy and not be able to finish.
  3. To know your limits – If you’re the type of person that pushes yourself REALLY hard to the point of dizziness or nausea, then it would be good for you to see your heart rate so you’ll know when to scale back.  It’s important to push yourself, but everyone has limits that should be honored. Most of these products allow you to set limits, so it will beep when you reach your maximum desired heart rate.

I wear my Polar FT7 every time I workout or teach. It helps me get the most out of my workout and it saves me when I’m teaching INSANITY. If I get too tired, then I can’t teach effectively!

Let me know your experience with heart rate monitors.  What kind do you have and what do you like about it?