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79 Things to Do Besides Eat and Drink

I’m in a season called “entertain yourself” because my boyfriend is traveling for 2-3 months.

It seems that everything I’m interested in doing involves trying new places to eat, working out or drinking because I’m bored, so I really needed some new ideas.

My community gave me tons of suggestions, so I’ll share them with you.

  1. Adopt A Rescue Dog
  2. Assist Someone Who May Need Your Help
  3. Become A Real Estate Agent  
  4. Bible Study
  5. Biking
  6. Boating
  7. Book Club
  8. Bowling
  9. Camping
  10. Charity
  11. Climbing
  12. Concerts
  13. Dance
  14. Diy Home Spa Day
  15. Do Something Artistic
  16. Fishing
  17. Fix Stuff
  18. Gardening
  19. Gokart Racing
  20. Golf
  21. Go To A Movie Theater
  22. Go To The Zoo Or Other Local Amusement
  23. Group Coloring
  24. Group Cooking
  25. Group Painting
  26. Group Strolling/Chatting On Beach At Sunset
  27. Hatchet Throwing
  28. Hiking
  29. Lay Out In The Bed Of Your Truck With Blankets In The Middle Of A Field In The Country With Someone You Love And Look At The Stars And Listen To Music While You Talk About Your Hopes And Dreams.  {hmmm would LOVE to do this when he gets back!}
  30. Learn A Language
  31. Learn A New Skill Or Language
  32. Learn To Fix Things
  33. Learn To Play An Instrument
  34. Learn To Ride A Dirt Bike
  35. Listen To Podcasts And Audiobooks, Learn, Learn, Learn!!
  36. Meditate To Become In Harmony With Yourself
  37. Mindfulness Exercises
  38. Movies
  39. Organize A Closet
  40. Paddleboard
  41. Paint
  42. Paint Your Nails
  43. Plan For The Next Big Move
  44. Plant Stuff
  45. Playing Piano For A Group To Sing Along
  46. Plays
  47. Play Volleyball
  48. Play With Makeup
  49. Play With The Dog
  50. Pray
  51. Read Books
  52. Roller Skating
  53. Running
  54. Sailing
  55. Sewing Projects
  56. Shooting, Preferably At Targets
  57. Silent Disco
  58. Skate
  59. Skiing
  60. Skydive
  61. Slumber Party
  62. Smile, It Gives Your Face Something To Do And Confuses The Enemy, Lol.
  63. Stretching
  64. Surfing
  65. Swimming
  66. Take A Class
  67. Take A Nap!!
  68. Take Dance Lessons
  69. Take Music Lessons
  70. Take The Course And Become A Master Gardener
  71. Topgolf
  72. TV Viewing Party
  73. Volunteer In The Community
  74. Volunteer At The Animal Shelter
  75. Volunteer At The School
  76. Watch GOT
  77. Watch Movies
  78. Workout
  79. Worship

Next Steps : Browse Facebook Events or Meetup pages for something that suits you, and schedule it!


What’s your favorite way to spend time besides eating and drinking?  Send me a note. <