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august happy + cat

Hi Friend!

One – I hope you aren’t alarmed by this font choice 😹 I randomly clicked on it, and it transported me back to 8th Grade Keyboarding class, so it had to stay for one email.

Two – In addition to 11 Days with Tony Robbins, 7 Seasons of Suits, and 50 Hours with The Eras Tour and easter egg hunting, I wanted to share a tiny habit I’ve been doing in August.

✨ where focus goes energy flows ✨

It’s one 10 second ritual in the morning that can impact the next few hours or even the entire day.

I have been writing down one thing that makes me happy!

I open my bullet journal + write something from the previous day that made me feel happy – whatever will fit on one line.

So Easy.

Reply + let me know one thing that made you happy today!

more things that make me happy

It’s a fun way you can direct message me + get my perspective on what next action to take toward your personal goal or toward solving a recurring problem.

All you have to do is get the free app + text hello – bonus if you send your human design chart! During this experiment, you can choose your price.

Please tag me if you and your cat made one of these!!

This is part of my goal to create one pretty + informative or fun email per month in 2023, so here’s the catalog!