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Bored at your job? 5 signs you need a change

Have you ever felt bored out of your mind at work?

Prior to the last 3 years, I had a series of booooooring jobs.

After I was finished with my daily work, I had a lot of time on my hands entertain myself.  Often that included Pinterest and Farmville. Eventually, I wised up and decided to use my extra time productively.

I wish I had done that about 5 years earlier.

Through this series, I hope to inspire you to take ACTION so you can spend less time being bored and more time enjoying your days!

Anyone can make a change in 6-12 months in any area of life – seriously.

In case you’re not convinced it’s time for a change, here are 5 signs that could mean you need to make a change:

1. You are a master at games like – candy crush, Farmville, whatever the latest game is.

I wasted sooooo much time and mental energy building the most amazing Farm with cats and pretty flowers – it’s cool for entertainment now and then but not HOURS of the day. Ew! Thinking back, that’s so annoying.

2. You respond to “how’s work going?” by saying “it’s not that bad.”

You’re spending 40+ hours a week on something just “eh”? Wouldn’t you want something GOOD or AMAZING?

3. You feel like every task you have to do at work is boring, stupid, annoying, pointless, etc.

If you’re sooo over your daily tasks. It’s really time to do something else. Seriously. Not only is it painful, it tends to make you bratty and less authentic to your sparkly self.

4. You don’t see a path for growth.

Can you see where you’re going? Are you able to grow to places you’re excited to go within your career? Are you excited about the next 1-5 years?  If not, what’s the point of staying where you are? {I could write a whole post on why it’s a bad idea to stay comfortably miserable.}

5. You don’t feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.

If you feel alone on an “island of one” doing tasks that don’t matter, then you probably don’t feel fulfilled or inspired. That sucks. We NEED connection, growth, and contribution in our daily life. Since our job is the biggest part of our daily life, we need to find one that’s fulfilling!

This is so important because when we’re working toward something bigger than ourselves, we will work harder, deal with more pain, creatively solve more problems than if we’re just showing up for a job.

Let me encourage you that you can have anything you want.

Dream jobs exist.

Remember whatever you are looking for you will find! So DELETE the crappy vocabulary about all jobs suck and “this is just how it is” and INSERT some powerful phrases like “I do work that matters to me!”

If you’re in a funk at work, then I would LOVE to chat with you.

I’ve been there, and I got out.  I would be delighted to save you some of the misery and help you love your daily life even more. Send me a note.


This is Part 1 in a series called Time for a New Job. Check back for Part 2.