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Ditch the Excuses!

We are all guilty of finding any excuse as to why we can’t eat healthy or why we don’t have time to workout.

You’ve heard the saying “We all have 24 hours in a day. You’ll make time for things that are important to you.”

I want to encourage you to make YOURSELF important and find time to take care of yourself.  If you aren’t at your best, then how can you be the best in your relationships or at work? You can’t.

Maybe you can sustain poor choices for a little while, but eventually they will catch up to you.  You’ll be out of breath after one flight of stairs. You’ll find your clothes don’t fit anymore. You’ll feel like crap. You won’t be able to function without lots of coffee and happy hours.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can make different choices.

Here’s my challenge for you:

Take out a pen and WRITE OUT your top excuses. What do you hear yourself say a lot?

I don’t have time.

Eating healthy is too expensive.

I hate to exercise.

Now – Scratch it out and write the truth.

I have enough time to take care of myself. I need to be more efficient with my time.

I am creative. I can find a way to eat foods that will fuel my body to get the results I want.

Exercise isn’t all bad. I have a friend who will exercise with me to make it more enjoyable.

Do you feel better now?  You are in control of your situation. You can make a change. You are worth it.


If you need some extra help getting started or staying on track, then email me to chat.

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