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Fail Often

Hello from the sky!

I’m living the entrepreneur travel life this month.

I was super nervous about this, but now I’m loving it.

Today, I’ll share with you a HUGE key for success.


Darren Hardy said he learned early in life that the key to success was failing a lot.



I don’t want to fail a lot.

As I entertained his words, I realized that he really means practice and practice often.

When you practice you might win or you might lose. You might learn something new, the right way to do something, or the wrong way to do something.

The people who go out and practice get momentum and ultimately success in life. Part of practicing is not always doing it right, or feeling comfortable or confident.

Personal Story –

In April, I was so stressed about July. I was excited and I knew I would love all the events and trips I had planned. But I had a lot of mental drama about the details. I’ve never traveled this much in one month. I’ve never been away from my in-person business for this long at a time. I’ll have quick turnarounds and I might not have time to wash all my clothes and on and on.

Now – I have arrived at the 3rd trip of the month and it felt easy. It felt like a travel all the time and packing, uber-ing and conquering airport security is no problem.

Instead of stressing and draining my energy with all the mental chatter, I could have chosen to be confident that everything would work out, and I would handle anything that came my way.

That’s what usually happens… this should be no different.

I’m practicing.

I’m practicing because I want to train my brain to be more quiet and peaceful.

If you’re starting something new – realize that it’s okay to practice. You might not be great or feel great, but you WILL become better if you keep practicing.

You probably won’t become better if you quit.

How can you implement more practice into your life?

If you need help practicing your fitness or nutrition, then check out the details of my next group. We start July 25!


This is Part 3 in a series called Entrepreneur Travel Life!  Here is Part 1 and 2 if you missed it.