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Fitness Can Be Fun {Lose It with Lauren: The 300 Workout}

Fitness can ABSOLUTELY be fun!

Do you agree?

If not, I bet it’s because you’ve never tried a group workout.

Group workouts are awesome because you get to connect with other people who are or who want to be healthy and fit.  You instantly have something in common and can support each other throughout the workout.

If you live in Memphis, you have the opportunity to join me and other fun, fitness minded friends at the 300 South Main Gallery for Lose It with Lauren: The 300 Workout.  Class starts at 10AM every Saturday, and it’s only $10.

The workout will be different each week, but there will always be 300 reps.  Yep, 300.  You’ll feel so accomplished when you leave.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


Come try it.


Contact me if you have questions or are interested in individual training.