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Finding Motivation – Do You Know Where to Look?

Do you ever have trouble finding your motivation and energy to get things accomplished?

It might not look like it – but I have this problem sometimes – okay probably once a day.

Instead of just letting it happen, I decided to be curious!

I realized that I REALLY need to be around people.  As if that was a hard realization – ha – but actually it wasn’t the most obvious reason that I was feeling low motivation.

I uncovered it through being curious and testing out the theory. 

If you know what excites you and motivates you, then you can use it like a tool in a tool box.

Think about the last time you were jazzed up about something.

  • What were you doing?
  • Who were you with?
  • What did you focus on?

I get excited when I’m around a lot of people who are working on a common goal.

For example at a 5k or a Tony Robbins event. It’s easy for me to connect with people because we are there for a similar reason.

Since events don’t happen every day, I have to find a way to harness that energy in my daily life.

When I don’t have clients, I do that through walking around the block or connecting on a video chat with my friends or mentors.

A dull afternoon can turn into a fun laugh-a-thon or an inspiring conversation in just seconds.

When I shared this idea/question on Facebook, others chimed in things that help them stay motivated like watching YouTube videos from people like Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, or Les Brown or connecting to their spiritual beliefs.

What reignites your drive? or What’s a way you get out of a slump?


This is Part 7 in a series called Life Hacks!  Here’s Part 12, 3, 4, 5 and 6 if you missed it.  Send me a note to suggest a topic!