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Fit Fam Feature – Liz McKee

Name : Liz McKee

Age : 38

Currently living In : Memphis, Tenn. {Midtown!}

For work I : lead employee communications and engagement at a local law firm.

Smile2GetFit member since : 2015

Motivation to start living healthier : When I put effort into staying fit and healthy my clothes fit better, so I guess vanity and the desire to not go clothes shopping are two reasons. But more than that I find that I am mentally sharper and more patient when leading a healthier lifestyle which makes me a better mother, friend, wife, and coworker.

What’s been easy along the way? : Finding the time! Thanks to Lauren I found a great group of girls to work out with and they’ve become some of my favorite people. And Lauren works with our schedules and helps hold us accountable.

What’s been the most difficult? : The nutrition part. For the most part I eat and enjoy whole, organic foods, and don’t love meat so it’s not a big part of my diet. But if I would just go cold turkey on Panchos and weekend wine I think I’d have six-pack abs right now. As I’ve gotten older I have realized something about myself, though: I like Panchos and wine more than I want six pack abs.

What are you most proud of? : That I have finally found a routine that works for me and I’ve committed to it. Even when I don’t feel like it, I make working out a priority. I don’t take having a healthy body that moves the way I want it to for granted. It’s true what they say: you never regret a workout when it’s done. Unless you hurt yourself. Then you might regret it a little.

How do you celebrate milestones? : Panchos and wine. J I don’t really celebrate health milestones. Maybe I should? {yes!!}

Favorite way to get fit : INSANITY. I love that I have gotten comfortable with some exercises that used to make me want to throw up, cry, or die. I love Lauren’s class, and now my husband and I do Insanity together at home. That’s something new — we’ve never found a workout we both love!

First word that comes to mind when I say Burpees : STRONG! It’s a great total body workout. I don’t hate burpees as much as I pretend to but don’t tell Lauren.

Go to healthy meal : I love red cabbage and Brussels sprouts cooked in a little garlic and chicken broth. Add some grilled chicken and it’s a great meal! During the week for lunch I typically bring a Birdseye brand frozen mix of lentils, broccoli, spinach, and garlic, or I keep a can of Lentil soup close by. My most favorite semi-healthy meal, especially if I am feeling under the weather: Vegetable Pho. I just tried Pho Bihn’s and it is the best I’ve had! You get a heaping pile of fresh, steamed, naked vegetables, and the broth is magical.

Favorite food you didn’t like before : I’ve never really met a food I didn’t like unless it’s meat or seafood with a squishy texture.

Favorite “fun” food : Um, do you even have to ask? I do love Panchos but really don’t buy it that often because my whole family loves it too much. My most frequent cheat meal is pizza (Little Italy = my obsession) or Bhan Thai’s Kee Mao on Fridays with the kids.

What makes you smile? : SUNSHINE. And my little ones, Evaline (5) and Jack (3). They are funny.

Being healthy is a journey – What’s next? : Keep on keeping on! I’d secretly love to do a mini-triathlon or extended trail run (I guess the secret’s out).

Where can we bump into you? : Harbor Town — My son goes to school there so we spend a lot of time hanging out with friends, going to Café Eclectic for breakfast, playing by the river walk and getting the occasional pedicure at Nail Bar. Overton Park — We live on a busy street across from the park so it’s where we go to play. I love that you can get lost in the forest, enjoy time with friends at the playground, or carry over a picnic and wine on a summer night for a family meal. Heaven! Memphis really does have some of the most beautiful gems – the river and the park are two of many!

What can we call you for help with? : I need more help than I can give but I am always available to share my experience from my own personal wellness journey including tips for work/life balance, trading recipes, etc. (email me)

Favorite Liz-ism : “A ship is safe in harbor but that’s not what ships are for.” — William Shedd    My other Lauren-friend introduced me to this quote and I just love it. It reminds me to push my limits and go for what I want in life.