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Fit Fam Feature – Simone Meeks

Name : Simone Meeks

Currently living In : Memphis, Tenn.

For work I : am a CFO at an Investment Firm

Smile2GetFit member since : January 2016

Motivation to start living healthier : I wanted to change my eating habits to feel better and be less of a snacker.

What’s been easy along the way? : Maintaining exercise with a great group of accountability partners.

What’s been the most difficult? : Sweets!!!!!!!

What are you most proud of? : Changing my eating habits – more protein, smaller more frequent meals.

How do you celebrate milestones? : I don’t really…. {she meant to say she high fives herself 🙂 }

Favorite way to get fit : I really like group cross training. I get bored easily and lose motivation on my own.

First word that comes to mind when I say Burpees : Wednesdays!

Go to healthy meal : Salad with protein. I love salad!!

Favorite food you didn’t like before : Boiled eggs. Not the most delicious food on the planet but it has a lot of bang for the buck.

Favorite “fun” food : Cabernet Sauvignon Yes, It’s food. LOL

What makes you smile? : My daughter!

Being healthy is a journey – What’s next? : Staying on the journey. It’s so easy to quit.

Where can we bump into you? : Shelby Farms!! All around Midtown.

What can we call you for help with? : Nondairy recipes! (find me on Facebook)

Favorite Simone-ism : Not fake burpees again!! {great inside joke from Lunch INSANITY class}