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Moving to Florida : Day 2 – Time Flies

I was in Atlanta barely 12 hours before it was time to hit the road to FLORIDA. Finally!

Day 2 was FULL of  driving – like 9 hours. I managed to stay busy, alert and happy until the very end when I was navigating Kissimmee in the raaaaaain.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • I got to chat with tons of people – friends, parents, wellness business partners, side hustle mentor clients – It was so fun to have all those conversations!
  • Road snacks!! I stopped mostly at Loves and once at Publix. Snacked on hard boiled eggs, pineapple, peanuts, hummus and pretzels.
  • I got inspired listening to a Tony Robbins audio program called Time of Your Life.

The Bad

  • McDonald’s – omg – do NOT be woo’d by the marketing “We have chicken biscuits even on Sundays.” The biscuit was average as expected but the chicken was teerrrrrrrrrrible – something about the seasoning and texture was so weird. I think it’s the same chicken breast they use for the lunch sandwich because it was much larger than the biscuit.  I picked the batter off and picked at the biscuit and left. Ew.  lol  The coffee was good though.

Beautiful Moments

  • Celebrating with my partner who hit her business goals this month!
  • Being delighted by the staff at one of the travel stops. They were all exceptionally nice, and I shared that with them. 🙂

Lessons Learned

  • Naming WHAT you want and WHY you want it FIRST gives you the “juice” to get the HOWs accomplished with excitement and ease.
  • Don’t get distracted by what’s urgent but not important or worse what’s not urgent and not important.


  • I’m just so chill. It’s becoming more and more noticeable to me as I tackle things that “should be” stressful, boring or annoying.  It’s nice to notice and allow myself to be acknowledged for it.  Of course, I am asking why – I think it’s a synergy of personal development, relationships, and adaptogenic herbal supplements – can’t say it’s just one – it’s the combo!
  • First time to purchase a SunPass for Florida driving!


Is there anything you’d like me to discuss in these 30 days?


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