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Moving to Florida : Day 12 – Little Things

My friend Amy asked me to share about the little things that I’m noticing in Florida, so I dedicated Day 12 to that!

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Fitness walks in the morning with tons of palm trees and a few new friends like geckos in all sizes. {not I’m not sure they are technically geckos}
  • I finally feeling better after sleeping 14 hours!
  • Noticing the turtle nests and the sailboats around sunset.

The Bad

  • Not knowing when I’m going to see my guy again {life of a sailor}

Beautiful Moments

  • Being present on a couple calls with my groups for my Landmark Class – I love sharing with people.
  • Chatting with my family as they checked on my well-being.

Lessons Learned

  •  I am learning to trust the process of my leadership training group. Sometimes the requests seem “dumb” but I’m just doing it to see what happens!  They probably have a reason for asking us to do things a certain way!


  • Continuing to trust that life is happening FOR ME and not to me. It’s not natural to me yet, and I am practicing it. All I can ask is that I show up and practice. I cannot ask myself to be perfect.


What little things do you love in your life?


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