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Moving to Florida : Day 15 – Chilling with the Chatter

Day 15 was a suuuuuper chill day. My morning routine was non-existent as I snoozed until 11am. Figured I needed some rest after a jam packed last month.

I noticed a lot of mental chatter about if that was right or wrong – the voices were like “you’re wasting your time in the bahamas, omg” Ever notice how the voices almost always make you wrong? Mine seem to never let me win.

What’s good is that I am becoming more aware of them and listening to them LESS.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Felt super rested and happy to chill with David.
  • Walked to Paradise Island and sat on a beautiful beach.
  • Ate yummy homemade food all day {plus chips. I love chips.}

The Bad

  • Had the most painful foot ice bath ever. I think that’s what shock feels like. I didn’t take them out because I knew in less than a minute the pain would go away and the benefits would start.

Beautiful Moments

  • Snuggles in the teal water with my guy.
  • Being serenaded by a guitarist getting ready for a beach wedding.

Lessons Learned

  • The mental chatter will always be there. As I become more aware of it, it gets easier to see how ridiculous it is and to ignore it.


  • I’m getting better at being part of the SOLUTION to problems instead of just talking about the problems.  One way we did this today was to list 6 possible ways to get to our outcome. Having 6 paths to pursue feels so much better than having 1 that isn’t working.


How do you get past the mental chatter in your head?


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