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Moving to Florida : Day 18 – Adjusting to New Life

The first two weeks of the move felt so good!  I thought – wow – this went better than I expected. I haven’t been upset at all.

Well – that all came to me today. In the quiet of no moving boxes, no traveling, and no real plans – the reality of some things hit me hard.

What’s good is I know it’s just “meaning” that I’m giving it, and I have the power to take back control of ME – it’s just been difficult to ACT on that vs just know it.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Explored a new part of my community on my morning walk!
  • I have the best family and friends that send me positive words and allow me to vent.
  • Looking at the beach all day is pretty awesome.

The Bad

  • Totally gave up my power to the inner mental chatter. Felt gross about it – but know that I can turn it around.

Beautiful Moments

  • Getting a pep talk call from Dad.
  • Laughing with David on FaceTime.

Lessons Learned

  • Talking about problems and worrying gives me something to do – it even seems productive, but it’s soooo exhausting emotionally and physically.


  • I am getting over these breakdowns much faster than I used to! Even though I am experiencing some pain, I still feel an inner peace that I’m in the right place – the move was the right decision – and things will work out somehow. Life might not exist without breakdowns, but at least I can overcome them more easily than before.

How do you get over meltdowns and breakdowns?


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