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Moving to Florida : Day 22 – Unpacked

FINALLY! I am unpacked!  6 giant Rubbermaid containers are EMPTY and most things have a space in my new home.

I found my twinkle lights, the legs to my trampoline, and my printer cable! YES!

Quick Overview

The Good

  • When I look around, the boxes are gone!
  • I hung some of my favorite artwork and got rid of some of the “old lady Florida” things that came with the place. lol
  • Had a peaceful meditation on the beach.

The Bad

  • It was reeeeeeeeeeeeally hot, so hot my phone stopped working on the beach because it was too hot. lol

Beautiful Moments

  • Randomly meeting and connecting with a girl at Another Broken Egg.
  • Chatting with mom about how to arrange my new vision wall.

Lessons Learned

  • Sometimes listening is all there is to do. Sometimes it’s not time to share my story and that’s more than okay!


  • Feeling like a more balanced human – happier than before with being alone in my new space.

How often do you just listen with the intend to GET the other person?


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