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Moving to Florida : Day 24 – Launch Day

It’s launch day!!

I haven’t just been moving and on vacation. I’ve been working too!

One thing I’m excited to announce is a new challenge for people who want to WIN THEIR DAY, wake up feeling EXCITED, and own their personal power.

It’s all about creating a powerful morning routine!

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Found my tripod which made my launch video more fun! #handgestures
  • Felt super productive with work tasks while still having time for fitness and an afternoon nap!
  • Seeing my Landmark friends at our seminar class.

The Bad

  • David still isn’t here…

Beautiful Moments

  • The sunrise.
  • Authentic chats with nice humans.

Lessons Learned

  • We all have filters that are clouding reality. The way I perceive something or someone changes the way I ACT and therefore changes the results I get. What if I could notice and remove those filters?


  • I’m getting better at just being okay with the way things are – not trying to make things right or wrong – it’s a big practice and I know the payoff is peace and freedom.

Do you know your filters of the world?


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