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Moving to Florida : Day 4 – The Voices

Day 4 – my first full day to wake up and go to sleep in my new place.  It’s so interesting how surreal and at the same time how normal this is.

When I walk past the window and see the beach, I get excited. When I do my daily things around the house, it feels like I’ve been doing them forever.

I think my visualization of this place and this move created a space for me to feel at home immediately.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • I watched the sunrise from my balcony with my homemade blankie.
  • The FAST internet was installed!
  • All my boxes from Greyhound got delivered with the help of a new friend.

The Bad

  • The voices started getting loud. They say things like “you should be doing this or that” or “you shouldn’t be doing this or that” or “omggg why haven’t you done xyz yet”  The voices are sooo annoying because they are never pleased.  What’s good is I know that they aren’t ME and they don’t define me. They are just there because I’m a human and they want to keep me safe from tigers.

Beautiful Moments

  • Chatting with my momma early in the morning.
  • Finding the old ladies bingo club at Chick-fil-A! Lol every Tuesday they said!

Lessons Learned

  • I enjoy having a structure for the day – but not too much structure. lol I decided to be in the discovery of what that could look like and try on a few things to see what fits.
  • If you see seaweed in the water, then stay out of the water.


  • I’m getting better at going with my flow instead of questioning all the decisions. Some decisions like getting Chipotle and/or PeiWei for dinner don’t deserve the mental brain power to weigh the pros and cons. I am learning to quickly chose {usually whatever I thought of first} and move on especially with these insignificant choices. It’s nice to not live in the circle of questioning so much anymore.


What do your voices say, and how do you practice ignoring them?


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