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Moving to Florida : Day 7 – Side Hustle

Being in the Bahamas has been amazing. It’s the first time in weeks that I’ve just chilled – no packing, no clients, no driving, no plans.

Clearly, I need to plan to have no plans a little more often!

One thing I did plan to do on this trip is to check in with my clients and prospective clients, and continue to document my “Moving to Florida” journey – that’s about an hour of the day and SO worth it.

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Helped 2 people complete their registration and orders for the 14 day detox!
  • Ate yummy food prepared by my guy.
  • Listened to an audio book about how men and women relate.

The Bad

  • Ummmm physical activity was at an all time low. Lol no fitness, not much walking.. Will be back on track Monday!

Beautiful Moments

  • Sunset over the water.
  • FaceTime with Mom and Dad!

Lessons Learned

  • Human “animal” and human “spirit” are part of all of us and life is easier when we’re aware of who is running the show. {Book : In Sync with the Opposite Sex}


  • Continuing to strengthen my commitment to a different way of living. I get to live in Florida and weekend in the Bahamas because I say so, and I’m willing to do the work it takes to get there. Sometimes that means side hustling an hour a day while on vacation and that works for me!


Do you have a side hustle?


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