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Moving to Florida : Day 9 – Relationships

We spent the day just being together. No agenda, no rush.. just hanging out.

I think I forgot how much I need that space in my life – the space to just chill and the space to just be with my favorite guy.

We’ve been long distance for our entire relationship, but used to only go 2 weeks between visits. This summer pushed those limits to 30 and 40 days. With my move to Florida, that should all change, but so far it hasn’t. lol

Good thing I’m flexible!

Quick Overview

The Good

  • Enjoying the summer breeze together.
  • Walking to a local shop for the island’s best conch salad.
  • Talking about feelings. {Lol – our favorite thing to joke about, and it’s not really a joke.}

The Bad

  • The voices started talking about how we only had a few moments left together. They act like it’s forever!!

Beautiful Moments

  • Going live together with the sunset in the background!
  • Celebrating with a client about her excellent results {down 5lbs, clearer skin, sharper focus} with the 14 day detox.

Lessons Learned

  • Being in the moment with people who like you and get you {and who you also like and get} is the best place to be.



What resources do you use to improve your relationships?


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