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Get Fit Downtown for Less than $20

Memphis may be one of the most unhealthy cities in the country, but that’s not due to lack of opportunities to get fit.

Downtowners – here’s a group fitness activity that you can do each day of the week.  No excuses. If you live or work downtown you can walk to most of these events, AND they are all less than $20.

Monday:  The Salty Dogs Run   Free

Tuesday:  Envision Memphis Bootcamp   $10

Wednesday:  INSANITY with Lauren   $15

Thursday:  Downtown Yoga   $10-$15

Friday:  inbalance Fitness Spin   $13

Saturday:  Crossfit Hit and Run 10am class   Free

Sunday:  Rest or take a friend on a walk and talk

If you are bored with your current routine, or just want to be around other fitness minded people, then check out these options. Let me know what you tried and what you liked!


Would you rather I plan your exercise routine?  Let’s talk about ways to work together!  Contact me to get started.

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